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At LH&R, knowledge and expertise provide the blueprint for our success. As architects of legal strategy, we approach each case individually, utilizing our depth of experience to engineer specific solutions for unique problems. From contract negotiation and drafting to CC&R enforcement, construction litigation to legal consultation, our expertise is at the foundation of every positive outcome.
LH&R specializes in
        • Construction defect litigation
        • Mold litigation
        • CC&R revisions and enforcements
        • Negotiating and drafting contracts
        • Insurance law (including bad faith)
        • Business litigation
        • General counsel for Homeowners Associations
        • Real property law
        • Civil litigation
        • Collections and foreclosures
        • Serious personal injury

With the ever-increasing complexities of law and the challenges to attaining legal resolution, LH&R achieves success through our relationships with people. Simply put, our clients make us who we are. Our process begins with a through understanding of our clients, their need, and the desired outcome. Together, we gain ground on adversity. Our philosophy is simple:
        • We are acutely aware of the individual and believe that each situation requires a unique strategy
        • We are always available, listening with an ear toward resolution, and continually adjusting and customizing our approach
        • We believe in building a team with our clients to find creative solutions.

At LH&R, we offer a winning combination: a strong foundation of practice areas and expertise, constant attention to changes in the legal landscape, and an acute analysis of each client's needs. Our blueprint for success has paid handsomely--the partners of LH&R have been involved in over $200,000,000 in recoveries.

The legal landscape is continually shifting and success requires a comprehensive approach. At LH&R, we go beyond litigation to actively educate judges, management companies, and property owners. Thus, a large part of our work is accomplished before we join forces with a client. By staying abreast of new changes in the law we are firmly grounded in today's legal terrain and ready for new challenges.